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Article: Your 4 Skincare Cleansers


Your 4 Skincare Cleansers

MOIRA Your 4 Skincare Cleansers

Secret to Cleansing  

Sometimes finding the correct cleanser can be a struggle, causing affects like dryness or tightness on the skin. Below we have a selection of cleansers to serve your skin type.



1. Makeup Melting Milky Cleanser

If you have dry and sensitive skin and looking for the perfect makeup cleanser without drying your skin. Milky Cleanser is the perfect match, it works gently around your face removing makeup without harsh rubbing and scrubbing. This product is Free of mineral oils and parabens that sometimes cause breakouts and other dermis damage.  

How to use:

Apply Makeup Melting Milky Cleanser and gently massage until makeup starts melting off your face. Add luke water for a milkier consistency for deeper cleanse and moisturized skin before washing off with foam. The next step to fully removing the dirt off your skin you’ll need to wash with a foam cleanser.


Start melting your makeup :  Makeup Melting Milky Cleanser


2. Moisture Capture Whipping Cleanser

Moisture Capture Whipper cleanser is a daily creamy-to-lather foaming cleanser to gently remove dirt without drying your skin. This cleanser is also perfect for dry sensitive skin, infused with coconut oil and hydrolyzed starches to deep clean without stripping the skin.

How to use:

Dampen skin with water and use pea-size drop of cleanser and gently massage in circular motion for 30 sec and then rinse thoroughly with water.  


Get your Daily Cleanser: Moisture Capture Whipping Cleanser


3. Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Foam 

Charcoal has become my daily cleanser after my Makeup Melting Milky Cleanser.The Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Foam reduces shine and promotes long-lasting oil-control. This product is gentle on the skin and great for combating acne. It is a magnet for dirt and oil, preparing the skin well for the next step, toning before moisturizing.

How to use:

Dampen skin with water and use a dime size amount of charcoal. With a tiny amount it will foam to fill your skin for a great cleanse. Squeezing more out of the tube does not mean better cleansing, it just means you’re over cleansing and will cause dry skin.


Get your Charcoal Cleanser: Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Foam


4. Natural Glow Gentle Scrub

A gentle, exfoliating scrub made with natural salt particles. Effectively removes dead skin cells and impurities. The natural salt has pore-minimizing and anti-inflammatory properties, does not cause irritation.

How to use:

Dampen skin with water and use grape-size,  gently massage in circular motion for 60 sec. Let the product sit for 5-10 sec to soften the dead skin cells layer,  massage skin for another 10 seconds and rinse off with luke water. Use 2 times a week.


Let your skin glow again: Natural Glow Gentle Scrub



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