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MOIRA cosmetics 3 in 1 Perfect brow


3 in 1 Perfect Brows

Unfortunately most of us aren’t blessed with perfectly filled/defined eyebrows. Nobody wants untamed, too light, or too thin eyebrows. Our eyebrows frame our faces and can either make or break your entire look. Our 3 in 1 Perfect brow pencil creates precise hair like strokes. It defines, blends, and frames all in one. The creamy gel pencil lines and defines, the powder fills in the eyebrows, and the spooled end blends it all together for a flawless natural finish.

Our pencil will transform shapeless, undefined brows that will help you easily create defined natural looking brows. This pencil is ideal for filling in sparse or over- tweezed areas that will bring symmetry to your entire face. 


Create Your Perfect Brows: 3 In 1 Perfect Brows

 Moira Cosmetics Fine Brow Pencil




Achieve perfectly natural shaped eyebrows without the clump and stickiness. The fine-tipped retractable pencil will leave your brows perfectly shaped, while the spools evenly blend the color through the hairs. 

Define your Brows : Fine Brow Pencil 


Moira Beauty Eye & Lip Makeup RemoverEye & Lip Makeup Remover 


Before going to bed always clean your eye makeup with Eye & Lip Makeup Remover. The eyelids are the most delicate part of your face, you must never rub or scrub your eyelids. Soak a cotton pad with makeup remover and gently remove eye makeup. This liquid removes the toughest eye makeup without rubbing and scrubbing. It is infused with camellia oil for a gentle and nourishing cleansing.


Get your Makeup Remover :  Eye & Lip Makeup Remover


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