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Article: Moira Mascara - Volume, Curl & Length


Moira Mascara - Volume, Curl & Length

Moira Cosmetics Mascara volume & Long Lash/ Curl & Length

When we aren’t born with perfect lashes, we need the help of a good mascara and eyelash curler. The toughest task is finding the perfect mascara without the clump, smears and flakes. Thats why we have the  MOIRA Curl and Length Mascara, which holds curled eyelashes in place while giving it length and strength. The bristles are designed to brush even the tiniest hairs for a fuller effect.  Our MOIRA Volume & Long Lash Mascara, builds volume without clumping and flaking. This mascara is also long lasting and the bristles are designed to brush into the tiniest hairs for fuller lash look.

 It's time to pick your mascara

Volume & Long Lash Mascara 

Curl and Length Mascara

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