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Article: Micro Dot Makeup Fixer


Micro Dot Makeup Fixer

MOIRA Micro makeup fixer


Seal your makeup with Micro Dot Makeup Fixer for a flawless complexion. The innovative formulation creates a barrier for your skin to protect and keep your makeup from moving. Controls the oil your skin builds through the day, keeping your complexion fresh and sealed. Another beauty about this product it is infused with herbal extracts containing beneficial vitamins properties to protect your skin from free radicals and daily exposure to UV lights.

Benefits of makeup fixer:

  •  Tiny particles lock makeup in place without adding too many layers
  •  Infused with vitamins to recharge and hydrate skin
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave residue
  • Non stickiness or blotchy water marks
  •  Protects skin against free radicals and pollution
  • You can smell jasmine extract!


Get started : Mirco Dot Makeup Fixer


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