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Article: MOIRA Multiluminator Cushion Compact

Cushion Compact

MOIRA Multiluminator Cushion Compact

MOIRA Multiluminator Cushion Compact

What is Cushion Compact?

It’s a lightweight illuminating formula soaked into a sponge cushion in a portable compact. MOIRA cushion mechanism allows you to get the appropriate dose of product, while the special sponge lets you blend seamlessly into your skin for a naturally luminous complexion.

How dose it work?

MOIRA Multiluminator Cushion Compact works as a high definition primer, enhancing makeup for a 3-dimensional effect. Versatile cushion allows you to customize your appearance. Use it under makeup for 3D effect or alone for a glowy, no-makeup makeup look. The air-light system uses advanced polymers for instantly radiant, healthy-looking skin. The formula contains cooling properties, perfect for summer heat. It is never tight or sticky, with ingredients that revise skin texture while allowing pores to breathe.

How to use MOIRA Multiluminator Cushion Compact

SO EASY! This product is seriously fail-proof. Simply press the sponge onto the cushion and you will get appropriate amount of product. Tap around your face, blend a little on the edges, and your are done! Plus, it doesn’t cake when you reapply.


Tone up your skin today: MOIRA Multiluminator Cushion Compact

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