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Article: MOIRA Multi-Use Cleansing Water


MOIRA Multi-Use Cleansing Water

MOIRA Cleansing Water


Take off the day with this powerful micellar water that leaves skin cleansed, toned, and hydrated. Lush, nutrient-infused formula made with botanical and fruit ingredients you’ll love. Some cleansing soaps will leave your skin dry and tight but cleansing water is your go to beauty product.

 Benefits of MOIRA Cleansing water:

  1. Removes Makeup, Dirt , & Oil - Moira Cleansing water contains micelle molecules that effectively removes and exfoliates makeup without harsh rubbing. You can also correct makeup mistakes such as mascara smears. Just grab a Qtip, dip in cleansing water and gently remove the smear and retouch again.
  2. For all Skin Types - Cleansing water is non irritating or harsh on the skin. It helps tone and keep your skin hydrated and free of impurities, even the most sensitive skin.
  3. Hydrates and Tones Skin- Hydrates your skin without striping your skin out of it’s natural moisture.
  4. Travel friendly - Don’t pack more than one bottle to cleanse, exfoliate and tone your skin. Cleansing Water is the multi usable formula you’ll always pack and take on any trip or makeup gig. It’s the most powerful formula to do three jobs in one swipe.

Lets start cleansing:  MOIRA Cleansing Water 


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