Moira Cosmetics Hydrogel Mask

MOIRA Cosmetics Hydrogel Mask

A hydrated skin is the best way to keep your skin healthy and firm. Dehydrated skin leads to collagen breakdown and other skin problems. Having a hydrogel mask can boost a healthier complexion with it's intense hydration.

Here are 4 Hydrogel Mask to help you nourish your beauty from inside out. 

Hydrogel Mask

Botanical Lifting Hydrogel Mask boost elasticity for a more firm complexion. Some of it's active ingredients include  Chamomile Extract, for anti-aging benefits. Avocado Oil to replenish dry skin, and evening Primrose Extract helps firm skin.  

Rose Soothing Hydrogel Mask hydrates and repairs tired skin. It's active ingredients are Rose Hip Fruit Oil, helps repair skin surface. Avena Sativa Protein calms stressed skin and Rose Extract stimulates collagen. 

Water Bomb Hydrogel Mask is super charged with hydrating ingredients for a boost of intense hydration. It's active ingredients include Glacier Water, helps balance pH levels on the skin. Peony Root Extract, brightens skin complexion and Morning Glory Extract, improves skin texture.

 Snow Lotus Hydrogel Mask fights the signs of aging such as dark spots and irritated skin while brightening the complexion. Some of its active ingredients includes Snow Lotus, calms irritated skin, Evening Primrose Oil, helps sustain skin elasticity and Sunflower Seed Oil reduces signs of wrinkles. 

Sheet Mask

 Pore Tightening Mud Mask deep cleans pores while nourishing the skin. It's active ingredients include Calendula, fights bacteria and soothes irritation.  Green Tea, protects skin agains UV damage and tightens pore. Volcanic Ashes, controls oily skin and unclogs pores. 



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