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Article: Hello Palettes


Hello Palettes

Moira Cosmetics Highlight & Coutour / Strobe & Allure / Blossom & Adore

Highlight and Coutour

Perfectly enhance your features with Highlight & Coutour palette. The powder set evenly and smooth on the cheeks covering pores leaving the skin silky smooth. This palette is very lightweight and looks perfectly natural.


Strobe & Allure

Add shimmery highlight to the high points of the face with our illuminating powers. They are soft and blendable, with great luminous finish. Have fun highlighting and blending these beautiful shades of glamour.


Blossom & Adore 

We love this blush palettes! Add a rosy cheek or hint of peach to your look. This palette has the perfect shades for the level of blush you’re trying to achieve.

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