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Article: What is a Hydrogel Mask?


What is a Hydrogel Mask?

Moira Cosmetics What is a Hydrogel Mask?

What is a Hydrogel Mask?

Sheet masks is an evolving trend where new materials are introduced to improve the appearance of our skin. Hydrogel mask are one of those improved mask to boost skin texture and appearance. What makes it different from a sheet mask? 


Hydrogel is a gel that holds 99% of liquid due to their molecular capacity of holding 500 times it’s size. The gel is used extensively in the medical field for wound dressing, to speed up the healing process while cooling the affected area. It serves as a hydrating barrier to protect the wound from inflammation and any growth of bacteria. Hydrogel is also found in tissue engineering, contact lenses and hygiene products. So how does our skin benefit from wearing a Hydrogel Mask? Using a hydrogel mask during our skincare routine helps boost the cellular function. 


A dehydrated and dry skin leads to defined lines, wrinkles and breakouts. It is important to hydrate by drinking water, using a Hydrogel Mask and moisturizer. Just like water is life for plants, water is life for our skin and body. By moisturizing and hydrating, our skin begins to appear smooth and full of life. Nourishing our skin with hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides and essential oils can boost the elasticity and skin appearance. Why does this happen? Skin cells maintain their cellular function when they are fully hydrated, keeping the skin looking youthful and plum.


Use a hydrating toner before applying a hydrogel mask. Toners helps with fuller absorption of the Hydrogel Mask and it’s properties. Once the mask is on, the hydrogel locks moisture and releases nourishing serums into the skin. After removing the mask, tap the serums into the skin until its fully absorbed. Lock in the hydrated skin with your moisturizer. DON’T TOSS THE MASK. Grab the hydrogel mask and dissolve the serum in warm water and dip your hands or feet. This will hydrate your hands/feet for softer feel. 

For best results lock in hydration with our Atomic Water Balm moisturizer for a more hydrated skin.


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