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Primer & Set

Primer & Set

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Hydrating Hyaluronic PrimerHydrating Hyaluronic Primer
Illuminating Glow PrimerIlluminating Glow Primer
Illuminating Glow Primer Sale price$14.00
Rose Jelly Hydrating PrimerRose Jelly Hydrating Primer
Veil Touch Soft PrimerVeil Touch Soft Primer
Veil Touch Soft Primer Sale price$14.00
Complete Pore Vanishing PrimerComplete Pore Vanishing Primer
Complete Mattifying PrimerComplete Mattifying Primer
Complete Smoothing PrimerComplete Smoothing Primer
Complete Smoothing Primer Sale price$14.00
Oil Control Makeup Setting SprayOil Control Makeup Setting Spray
Hydra Priming Setting SprayHydra Priming Setting Spray
Hydrating Plump Serum PrimerHydrating Plump Serum Primer
Dew You Serum PrimerDew You Serum Primer
Dew You Serum Primer Sale price$16.00
BESTSELLERWaterproof Peptide Eyeshadow PrimerWaterproof Peptide Eyeshadow Primer
Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (005, Rose Pink)Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (005, Rose Pink)
Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (006, Medium Neutralizer)Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (006, Medium Neutralizer)
Set & Correct Finishing Powder - 100Set & Correct Finishing Powder - 100
Set & Correct Finishing Powder - 200Set & Correct Finishing Powder - 200
Set & Correct Finishing Powder - 300Set & Correct Finishing Powder - 300
Set & Correct Finishing Powder - 400Set & Correct Finishing Powder - 400
Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (001, White)Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (001, White)
Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (002, Beige)Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (002, Beige)
BestsellerLasting Priming Cream Shadow (003, Rose Sand)Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (003, Rose Sand)
Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (004, Peach Nude)Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (004, Peach Nude)
Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (005, Taupe)Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (005, Taupe)
Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (006, Burnt Caramel)Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (006, Burnt Caramel)
Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (007, Mocha Brown)Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (007, Mocha Brown)
Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (008, Black)Lasting Priming Cream Shadow (008, Black)
BestsellerRose Hydra-Enhanced Priming MoisturizerRose Hydra-Enhanced Priming Moisturizer
Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (001, Color Neutralizer)Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (001, Color Neutralizer)
Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (002, Translucent)Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (002, Translucent)
Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (003, Medium)Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (003, Medium)
Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (004, Deep)Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder (004, Deep)
The Best Camellia Setting SprayThe Best Camellia Setting Spray
The Best Lavender Setting SprayThe Best Lavender Setting Spray
The Best Calendula Setting SprayThe Best Calendula Setting Spray
The Best Peony Setting SprayThe Best Peony Setting Spray
The Best Rose Setting SprayThe Best Rose Setting Spray
Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (600, Deep)Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (600, Deep)
Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (500, Medium Tan)Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (500, Medium Tan)
Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (400, Medium)Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (400, Medium)
Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (300, Light)Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (300, Light)
Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (200, Banana)Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (200, Banana)
Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (100, Translucent)Lavish Pressed Finishing Powder (100, Translucent)
Microdot Setting SprayMicrodot Setting Spray
Microdot Setting Spray Sale price$20.00
Prime Plus Primer WaterPrime Plus Primer Water
Prime Plus Primer Water Sale price$18.00
Timeless Setting PowerTimeless Setting Power
Timeless Setting Power Sale price$12.00
Endless Setting PowerEndless Setting Power
Endless Setting Power Sale price$12.00
Eyeshadow PrimerEyeshadow Primer
Eyeshadow Primer Sale price$8.00
Loose Setting Powder - TranslucentLoose Setting Powder - Translucent