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3 in 1 Perfect Eyebrows - Dramatize your Eyes

Cat eye

3 in 1 Perfect Eyebrows - Dramatize your Eyes

  Super Ink Liner We love our Super Ink Liner! Create seamless and precise graphic lines in one stroke, dramatizing your look. This eyeliner is easy to use, with a flexible felt tip for high prec...

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What is a Hydrogel Mask?

What is a Hydrogel Mask? Sheet masks is an evolving trend where new materials are introduced to improve the appearance of our skin. Hydrogel mask are one of those improved mask to boost skin textu...

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MOIRA Prime Plus Primer Water

     PRIME BEFORE MAKEUP   Prime Plus Primer Water hydrates and transforms skin into the ideal makeup canvas. Triple function formula can be used to set makeup to a perfect finish or refresh your ...

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Micro Dot Makeup Fixer

YOUR MAKEUP FIXER Seal your makeup with Micro Dot Makeup Fixer for a flawless complexion. The innovative formulation creates a barrier for your skin to protect and keep your makeup from moving. Co...

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